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ALESS/ALESA & KWS (Komaba Writer’s Studio)


(Picture source: http://ale.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/joomla/)


Hello everyone,

I want everyone at the University of Tokyo (and beyond) to check out the website ofthe ALESS/ALESA programs that have been providing English-language education at the university since 2011 and part of the recent internationalization efforts of the university providing quality English-language education to Todai undergrads (1st & 2nd year) so that will be able communicate more easily with international students as well publish their research in English-language journals:


Furthermore I’d also like to showcase the Komaba Writer’s Studio (KWS), which help students with their English-language writing providing helpful advice on structure and overall comprehension. This is useful tool for students that still struggle a bit with the signifcant increase in English-language writing once the enter the university.

I have have been a part of KWS for almost one year helping out every week as a Treaching Assistant, and the experience and knowledge on how to assist Japanese student with their English-language academic writing has definitely allowed me to obtain a whole new perspective about  English-language education within Todai, and how we can create additional opportunities for students to acquire fundamental writing skills in Academic English.


Best regards,