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Tokyo wind and air pollution visualization


Map screenshot from http://air.nullschool.net/map/co/current

Check out this cool interactive map of wind speeds in Tokyo (and its 23 wards), and the modeled spread of air pollutants associated with it here:


This was coded by Cameron Beccario, who also happens to be the creator of earth.nullschool.net, a global weather visualizer. Pretty fascinating stuff, I must say!

Paper To Plants by Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam

Had to share this! A breathtakingly perfect stop-motion animation of a forest biome, every single leaf and branch and feather cut out of paper. Anderson and Dunnam created it to advertise TinyBop, an educational app for kids (or inquisitive adults). The forest edition is an interactive diorama that makes learning about biodiversity pretty addictive. Oh, the possibility of becoming Tarzan just by swiping and tapping a screen! Just like swinging through the forest on a vine! Okay, not quite…

After you’re done with that do check out her post (http://kellianderson.com/blog/2014/05/a-paper-forest/) and their making-of video (http://vimeo.com/93623567). The amount of work and paper cuts that must have gone into the end-product is insane. Phenomenal mix of science and art.